to the wonderful Word of God

Of the many who call Jesus Lord, only a few will enter heaven.

Not every one that saith unto me Lord, Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.

How can this be?


  In a world of diverse religions and varied philosophies, many things are being taught that are contrary to God's Word, God's plan, and God's Man, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Sad to say, all that is taught in the Name of Jesus Christ, is not according to the doctrine of Jesus Christ. This can be clearly proven by God's Word, the incorruptible seed.
Corruptible seed is false doctrine, sown by worldly religions, which places all who obey it in a very DANGEROUS position.
Please open your hearts and consider the teachings of Jesus and His chosen Apostles, who are ordained of God to bring forth all that mankind must believe and obey.

The world produces many "religious" shepherds.
God Almighty, provides ONE, The Man Christ Jesus!

The choice is ours, heaven or hell.